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Jessica Johnston wants to live in a world where beauty is in the eye of the woman looking in the mirror.


Her unique gift is finding every clients "wow" factor.Her talent for collaborating with photographers, directors, and actors in Los Angeles has led to work in film, digital, print, and red carpet. As a celebrity makeup artist for over 7 years, she also has experience in spray tanning, special effects and hair styling.


She is a graduate of Make Up Designory. Jessica's path to success in the makeup industry started as a brand ambassador for a cosmetic line. Seeing her clients light up when she helped them find the perfect look confirmed her calling. 


Jessica is passionate about teaching others her expert tricks and techniques. Her most rewarding moments as a makeup artist are watching women gain confidence when they discover how to highlight their unique beauty.


When she’s not on set or with a client, you can find her exploring Los Angeles. Whether it’s taking in a fascinating art exhibit or scoping out trends at her local coffee shop, she loves finding inspiration in interesting places.

interesting places.

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